Revolving Platforms & Rolling Stages

Concept Staging Ltd have designed and manufactured a range of electronically controlled revolving circular rotating and rolling stage risers. Our revolving platforms stock are manufactured from Aluminium and range in sizes from 8’ Diameter to 24’ Diameter, stand 10” in height and come complete with 18mm fire retardant plywood deck.

Our unique revolving platform design enables us to assemble on all surfaces and is designed to be assembled by two people quickly.


Revolving and rotating staging systems are driven off two or four motors offering an even drive for off centre loads. Rolling stages Drive units are all operated using single-phase 240v. Maximum loading of 3500kg


Revolving stages risers can be operated using Encoder software or operated using a remote control, including variable speed, forward reverse and emergency stop.

Hire and Purchase

All revolving and rolling stage systems are available to hire on a weekly basis and also manufactured for purchase.