Does your company provide risk assessment / method statements and insurance?

All installations that we do are accompanied but a risk assessment method statement structural calcs and public liability insurance. However if the equipment is dry hired then it becomes the client’s responsibility to provide their own paper work.

Does your company do site visits?

We endeavour to visit every site before we commence work especially if there are any restrictions that we have to build in or around i.e. walls / pillars / steps / fixed seating / rebates.

Do you provide working drawings?

Working drawings are provided for all our jobs from the largest to the smallest. This allows our clients to see exactly what there getting and were its going and also allows our stage crew to install and position the equipment with out the need of the client being in attendance during the build.

Do you build special stage sections to fit around existing curved stages and rebates?

We have the ability to manufacture any size and shape of stage you could possibly require.

Do you provide equipment and services out of the UK?

We have been lucky in the past to secure work in Russia, France, Spain, Morocco and Cyprus. We also have clients who dry hire equipment for overseas work.

Will you be on time?

We are aware of the tight schedules that our industry and counterparts work to and always endeavour to arrive at least 1hour to 30min before we are required.